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the suspense at some scenes were so high that if they were to put jumpscares i would've punched my screen. CSW is really captivating on screen. The series is a great chance to understand Korean culture and it can compete with the best series around the world. Bae doo na, cho seung woo, lee joon hyuk, yoo jae myung, shin hye sun and other cast makes this drama awesome. And you'll find that. I love it soo much! The only thing I regret after watching this show is that it's ruined all other K-dramas for me. Parkminri Aug 13 2020 3:34 am Plot stories, acting, movie directing, etc are superb!!!! It's difficult to accept that Lee Joon-Hyuk did not win a BaekSang Arts Award for his performance. Lee Kyu-Hyung - Yoon Se-Won (Yoon Prosecutor). surnathum Jul 02 2017 11:42 am Rob Aug 05 2017 11:00 am Poka Aug 29 2017 2:36 pm ㅠ this drama is not your typical light drama yet it has me couldn't wait for the next episode every week. In one scene, she looks like Lady Vengeance, and in the next one, like a homeless puppy running at the feet of the prosecutor. Really well done all around. This drama deserved some awards! Apparently season 2 is coming out next year. A+++++. It is actually my first time tonwatch a suspense korean drama and I am absolutely recommending this show. I looked at this on Netflix, hour after hour, for hours.... and in two days I'd looked at all 16 episodes. Realistic in that for the most part, only a partial victory for the good guys. I have high expectation before watching the show but this drama truly exceeded my already high expectations. Yes it’s that good. I finished watching all season 2 episode 1-16, 3 more episodes left. Cant wait to see the drama :) Come to think, suddenly so many crime dramas these day! The detailed analysis of the character and the subsequent performance is amazing Rekomendasi Watchmen Season 1 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm saddened by Eun Soo's death I really liked her and thought she was a key part to this plot. suissant Jul 30 2017 2:33 pm This drama is on corruption with a hint of CSI and thriller thrown in. Marble Nov 18 2018 4:56 pm Winner of the Best Drama Award at Seoul Awards! Ferra Jan 29 2019 8:32 am Wow, this drama is amazing, if I could I would give it 100/10 rating. It's more like kind of difficult and plodding drama? I'm really upset by this. Seems like ur looking for romance in the drama? Especially amazing where the performances of Yoo Jae-Myung, Lee Kyu-Hyung, and Bae Doo-Na. I love how he is able to outsmart his colleagues and superiors. Season 2 please!! Sakae Dec 11 2018 12:09 pm It's simply a brilliant cat & mouse chase drama where both the good and the bad guys are clever. A lot of knives are pointing at Hwang Shi-Mok's back at the prosecutor office. Two thumbs up !! This is my number 1 romance drama and yet I rarely see it recommended. Sweet Stranger and Me. There is absolutely no exaggeration in the plot development and character reaction. so in love with this .. Funfair Jul 29 2017 4:01 pm Will miss all about this drama very much... Certainly my prediction was on the dot. So he only has 3 dramas, hmmmm.. Never forget it. In an article by columnist Dena Daw for Screen Rant, Stranger was described as a "domestic and international success". akmal hidayat Jul 01 2017 6:51 pm Kereeeeeeeennnnn!!! With an intriguing story and the characters to match, Forest of Secrets is already off to a strong start. None of that overused, repetitive stuff in each episode. Just finished this wow drama!! If you say its boring coz they only try to solve one case then you lost the essential of this drama. sense8 brought me here. From one case it turn out to be a big case, from bribery, adultery, till serial killer. @kaboni What are you talking about? That was a HIGH POINT for this drama. i would say this movie is perfect. I already knew how talented an actress Bae Doo-Na is, but I am seeing actor Cho Seung-Woo for the first time, and I am stunned. Knowledge Jul 23 2017 5:55 pm tim65 Aug 15 2017 10:13 pm I just don't understand how people can think that this is great writing. all 4 dramas I watched thanks god, doesnt have love story between lead or kiss scene because I watched with my mum. Si mok didnt even mourn or punch someone. However, rather than aiming for pure shock value, many of the developments were foreshadowed very subtly - which also makes rewatching the show a joy. Be patient with the drama. Great story line! I really loved it I seriously recommended to all my Korean drama loving friends . The actors are amazing too, their performance was really real and dramatic. Lol. sun baek! It's not that bad of a drama but i would definitely not watch it again, half of the episodes feel like a waste of time because it doesn't contribute anything to the resolution of the crime, in fact, it only makes it even more confusing. Totally addicted to this drama! Anyway I enjoyed the story. Lucile Sep 20 2020 2:17 am One day, a dead body is thrown in front of him. I've always love watching drama involving law and police and this plot story is absolutely stunning. Watch Strangers from Hell season 1 on Netflix now! Shi Mok Hwang and Yeo Jin Han have soon become among my favourite characters ever and I already miss them. The acting from all actors were top notch. @Sha and thats why i think his character is good, he is consistent that make his character feel more alive not just some asspull character with no personality. And WOW! He was playing a DA also, still has the same smarts but also very much a smart ass. K-dramas have contributed to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave, known as Hallyu. Perhaps because i'm used to tv shows like Criminal Minds with a different crime every episode it feels way too slow when i watch a drama with a single case like this one, the lack of romance/emotion made it even worse, there were so many opportunities between the prosecutor and that cute girl from the prosecution's office but in the end nothing happened. I missed them and the story. Hell Is Other People (Korean: 타인은 지옥이다; RR: Taineun Jiogida; lit. But I dont seem to get hooked. Shi Mok's non-reaction to the latest murder puzzles those around him, but it begins to affect him unexpectedly. mimi May 07 2017 1:04 pm Lee Joon-Hyuk is bae. Enough said. It doesn't have any romance, this drama is really good, each episode you're anxious, doesn't repeat anything like all other drama's. This show is second to none! Excellent writing, stellar acting, flawless plot and realistic story. The plot , the cast , cinamatography ... every thing was beyond amazing. This is the first drama that korea shows "women matter" They should keep feminism more in their upcoming drama like this. The best drama which really always drags my interest along the week. cannot be too realistic cos this is a drama. the casting team who casted Cho Seung-Woo deserve a credit. Search. I thought the drama was excellent until the end. Bae Doona~!!! his act is just exquisite. Summary. Forest of Secrets: Episode 1 by SailorJumun. Love the chem between the leads. 3.5. Great drama and great actor. For those who like simple plot or one dimension script, stay away from this drama. Powerful story line.Well scripted.Way better than recent cheesy dramas. Great cast! the writing, direction, characters, motives, ACTING - impeccable. You have to watch it now!! Unfortunately I could not find the interview online. I watch this because of shin hye sun!!! Early on you think that it has substance, that it's going to spin a web of issues and then tie them up at the end. This was worth all the hours I spent binge watching. The writer need to add in a few of season 1 elements! Drama, Komedi, Korean Drama, Ongoing, Romance, 93,689 views. shark May 29 2020 4:31 am His voice is cute and his eyes is filled with emotion! Best show I’ve seen in years. Jiale Jul 31 2017 8:28 am Hohoho Jun 10 2017 9:01 am can't wait for season 2 !!!!! @Dramanoob Thank god there's no romance in this drama. It is the best drama so far. When the movie actor and actress took part instead drama actor/actress, this drama will be blast! LoneGunMan Nov 02 2017 8:20 am Season 7 Chanpon Tabetaka White Christmas Psych-Hunter Prison Break Season 1 The Great Show Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder Suits Wizards Tales of Arcadia Season 1. It got me in tears after heard the reason why he killed him ㅠ. Very realistic. Since I've seen lot's of outstanding action/thriller/suspense/mystery dramas, I can easily comprehend and foretell the story and ending. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Just finished watching this after binge watching it over a course of literally 3-4 days. This drama has really got good reviews so I gave it a try. But this one had the most unexpected twists from all the crime dramas I've seen. Frankly i don't even remember. Alicia Feb 05 2018 4:23 am i love this drama so much..great storyline..and the actors are amazing..esp. I’m also a huge fan of subtitled crime dramas. One of the jjang mystery/crime/suspense/detective drama that I've ever watch. Kudos to writers actors and all the crew. I have this LDS. kdrama_birthday Aug 11 2020 1:23 pm W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); Best crime drama of TvN after signal (2016). What a masterpiece! I'm hoping for 2nd season too, with bae doona and jo seung woo and same supporting actors. I love him, Yui Aug 24 2017 5:05 am I saw cho seung woo for the first time here and he just effortlessly steals the spotlight .Possibly the most nuanced performance I have seen in a Kdrama.Bae Doo Na was good in a sassy role as well.Am not singling out others for praise for not providin spoilers but the support cast was fabulous. This is gonna be insane!! py Feb 01 2018 5:32 am KOREAN DRAMA STRANGER 2 EPISODE 1 – PART 1 ————-/1/ VO – Devoted to the truth, moving toward the way, these are all endless processes. Hey Jul 31 2017 10:05 am googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (3121 votes) The story-line's progress and character development were too slow for me. Everything was perfect, from cast to unraveling of the story. This show was amazing. There is no boring moment even with lengthy conversation, as the cast are superb in their act. Hope there will be a seasoni 2. This conflict is the central theme of this season and will result in much of the tug-of-war. However, I feel like the story started out at a slow pace, and near the end it was kind of rushed. Loved this show because it showed that the Prosecution office and law enforcement have to work together to get the job done. Lead casts are really talented actors. Needed more study into Si-Mok’s brain condition and hopefully a little romance, not too much, in season 2. Cho seung woo new drama. Really good drama, its basically the Korean take on Nordic crime drama. Really like this drama. Yes it is a long twisted winding plot but the acting by Cho Seung-Woo and the rest of the cast kept me glued to this quite brilliant series.... oh and Bae Doo-Na is quite wonderful in this! Natassya Monica Jul 30 2017 9:35 am Dang! He had severe emotional swings and had surgery to correct that condition. His acting was just DAEBAK!. If you think that this drama would be boring, believe me IT WOULDN'T. Ahhhh, cornflakes Jan 29 2020 6:43 am Yes please season 2. The murdered happened in the first episode and the culprit got revealed in the fifteenth episode. Drama: Stranger 2 (English Title) / Secret Forest 2 (Literal Title) Revised romanization: Bimilui Soop 2 Hangul: 비밀의 숲 2 Director: Park Hyun Suk Writer: Lee Soo Yeon Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Ages: 15+. I will watch all of your works until the day I die. LKB Jan 28 2017 8:07 pm Gonna watch this. The plot is intricate and satisfying, with many surprise twists. When most people think of K-Dramas, they typically think of romantic comedies or melodramas surrounding a couple either working through some hardship or first getting together.But Stranger is a totally different genre of these dramas that exceeds expectations.. RELATED: 10 Modern Rom-Com K-Dramas You Have To See If You Liked Boys Over Flowers Stranger is a crime thriller that actually … Kdrama_fan Sep 22 2017 4:25 am I hold my breath until its end!! i think this storyline too heavy for me but overall was good!! Some people may have enjoyed this drama and some didn't, this is simply because people have different preferences. season 2 pleaseee. We'll see. Also, Doona Bae and Cho Seung- Woo do a brilliant job of bringing their individual characters to life, as well their relationship with each other. She likes him even though she can't understand him even when she discovers why he's like that. All of the other actors also did really great. Acting is on point good, so natural, emotions are all on point, crying when you actually cry. I'm annoyed about eun-soo's death. DL Jun 24 2017 4:16 pm Really love this drama. Dia juga satu-satunya jaksa yg tidak terlibat dalam korupsi. WOW! This is definitely a must watch especially for crime series enthusiasts. becca Oct 06 2018 7:59 am every element is superb..writer, director, actor indeed amazing, Tha Power Of Greyskull Sep 03 2017 3:13 pm I am looking for their other dramas to watch. 10/10. :). But it doesn't fit my standards of genres like this. EXCELLENT performances all around, excellent writing, everything excellent. I'm having withdrawal symptoms and I just finished Stranger. I’m still bitter about EunSoo’s death like I know they want to do that so the drama will get interesting, but I liked her, so it was sad :((, Sakura Aug 19 2018 8:08 am I love his eyes when he smiles. He is a very talented actor and he is now one of my faves. I hope it won't be disappointing. Im on the 7th episode. This drama surpassed my expectations and I'm so glad I gave it a chance. I am so excited :D. Joanna May 09 2017 5:45 pm A very neatly packaged empty box. highly recommended drama!! I knew there was danger lurking near her due to her persistency and her rash decisions. This is a true breakthrough of K-drama industry and I am eagerly anticipating to see more dramas from the author as she has already finished 4 more scripts. I have watch like gazillion of Kdramas for the past 15 years and I can safely said that the writing for this drama is the best that ever comes out from Korea. Cast Soo Ae, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, Jo Bo Ah. Tanja Sep 01 2017 4:45 pm This should have continuing season like hr said when he accepted the awards in Baeksang. ? I've never seen any of what (little) the writer has put out into the world BUT tvN do tend to pick up more original/unique scripts and make them into masterpieces at a much higher rate from my POV than other networks--the freedom of being a cable station, I suppose, and not glued to ratings to get this or that sponsorship and so on. Will it have a season 2? My heart hurts when it is her. Shelly Jul 08 2017 12:47 pm Yoojin Apr 13 2017 11:18 am I hope it would be more and more success than now. Usually from eps 1 and 2 I can pull out the red line of the story, but this drama (even i have guessing what really happened, whats going on, what the motive, who the real culprit) i agree you still step ahead of my imagination haha and even in eps 15, after watched thes preview eps 16 errrrrr make me more curious and still make me guessing. Hwang and Han). Dive Jul 17 2018 11:50 pm loadbox(1); Got bored on ep12 so just watched final episode and fast forwarded. I was amazed at the acting, script and everything... this shows has nothing to envy to the Hollywood shows as it is truly a gem! temp Jul 31 2017 10:40 pm Love the way both Doona Bae and Cho Seung- Woo work together solving the case. The actor plays Mr. Yoon is Lee Kyu-Hyung. I'm so excited to watch this drama because of Jo Seungwoo, I miss him so much, © It's been a hella rollercoaster ride watching Stranger. I've heard lots of good things abt this drama, and it absolutely did not let me down. 1) Signal , 2 ) Secret Forest 3) Gods gift (with Cho Seoung Woo) 4) Tunnel 5) Missing Noir M. Nana Aug 01 2017 8:10 am And above all, the acting quality is simply unprecedented. He is such a good singer as well. Remarkable work. I just wonder how incredible people behind this work are. Just your typical rich dudes doing misdeeds and your typical cops extremely slowly solving the case. Great acting writing, directing. hope to see more drama or movie from this writer (lee soo yeon). Like there was no emotion. Can you recommend other crime drama series like this. This time prosecutor and police fight for power over the investigation. Iffa Jul 24 2017 12:43 am ... Stranger 2 (2020) Episode 1 English Sub Stranger Season 2 Episode 1 English Sub. I knew it! It's sad really. I would rate this drama 8.5/10. But no, this is very different. Stranger Drama Korea “Stranger” ini mengisahkan Hwang Shi-Mok (Cho Seung-Woo) mempunyai operasi otak saat dia msh kecil, yg membuatnya kurang emosi. WOW! But I think Ji Sung deserved it more from his performance in Defendant. This series was not as good as the first one. It's captivating from the very beginning to the very end. The subtle humour also worked well, and there was no overdone slapstick comedy like in some Korean dramas. I'm so sad its over tho lol it was so good :(((, Grace Feb 04 2018 12:27 am says its weird. Watching this on Netflix and it looks good. I thought that she would get seriously hurt or he would attempt to kill her and not succeed. I was afraid I'll be wasting 16 - 18 hours of my life for this drama. As usual the great actors of S. Korea saved the show with their excellent talent. Great drama....great actors..daebak. I feel like no other investigation dramas can hold a candle to this other than Signal tbh. Excellent 5 star when does second series start? NODRAKOR ICU. Irishguy Jul 03 2017 11:04 am She was a star in Sense8 and I recognized her. One of the first Korean series I ever watched and still one of the best. All rights reserved. Everything goes so smoothly as if we are watching them in real life. HaHa Jun 22 2017 4:30 am YAY.....I watch a lot of international crime series and this is my favourite Korean series so far. Abena Jul 31 2020 2:38 pm He's been taking on minor roles that perhaps many, myself included, have not even noticed/recognised him e.g. No wonder it win a lot of awards in baeksang. Yani Apr 10 2017 11:27 pm Based on episode 10, his son died in an accident. I love love this drama. Bregan Jul 30 2017 11:53 pm I hope there will be Secret Forest season 2 but (of course) still with Cho Seong Woo as Hwang Shi Mok. The best drama I've ever seen in 2017!!! Meghan Jan 31 2018 6:21 pm I missed this drama so much. This kdrama has won many wards from Baeksang Award 2018 so that speaks volume. @Lee chang jun's fans : I know this drama is great BUT please don't be spoiler, Lee chang jun's fan Aug 13 2017 11:53 pm Truly a gem. 10/10 and highly recommended. Butterfly Diva Jun 23 2017 7:22 pm Cinta Jul 31 2017 12:15 pm Honorable mention deserves Yoo-Jae-Myung; I haven't seen all his work, but this one is one of his best I had privilege to watch so far. cho seung woo..its highly recommended! Acting, directing, writing, and also the ost are just PERFECT! Superb !!! The Stranger – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review. Have they commented on the issue, are there rumours circulating, or does nobody know anything? deb Mar 29 2018 7:30 am Hmmmmm, haha Jun 03 2017 10:31 pm it was a great drama for sure! The actors and writer, how did they manage to bring them to small screen? Flat, unlovable two dimensional characters. I just don't understand how people can think that this is great writing. Both dramas are amazing though. LoneGunMan Jun 20 2017 9:02 pm He is also one of the only prosecutors not involved in corruption. I really gonna give a try watching Secret Forest. 8.5/10. In her review for The Korea Times, columnist Park Jin-hai commended the writing as "finely intertwined", and wrote that audiences gave a strong response to … Tatiana Nov 18 2017 2:58 am Based on the Harlan Coben novel of the same name, The Stranger gets off to an intriguing start here, one that looks set for a twisty-turny 8 episode thriller and immediately asks plenty of questions right out of the gate. Can't wait for Season 3. season 2 please please. ), Pied Piper, and Criminal Minds (soon airing and adaptation of US Criminal Mind). Woah, TVN is regaining all the movie stars' faith in episodic drama. I thought that the drama was excellent until the end. Synergy between actors and the writer leading them through twist and turns is near perfection. cici Dec 08 2017 11:40 pm one of mind blowing movie. & Sun. I love it, it was good. If something happens to you in Korea don't call the Police call Cho Seung-Woo lol. for you guys who think that secret forest = beautiful mind. Noonaloveskdrama Jun 10 2019 3:35 am Dia rasional, tp dingin & sepi. Gripping and well-paced till the very end and heart wrenching at times too. I am in episode 9th now, and I must agree with @a_male_viewer. and i hope there's season 2 for stranger plsss ??? babu Jul 01 2017 12:10 pm This is one of the best. LINDA SEAH Aug 26 2018 11:21 pm It was like a well executed game of intricate chess where you are kept guessing until the last. The best drama I ever seen, I hope this drama have season 2 With same main character, zerah Jul 31 2017 12:34 pm Imagine if he acts in melodrama like Should we kiss first or contract marriage!! It made the show seem way more realistic and more human than just some dumb old tv show that had no realism to it. Even so, this is a complex story with honest characters. He is succesfully plays his role, esp his role as a emotionless man. With what does Stranger fill the gap? This series is top notch, one of the best I've seen. CKW Mar 21 2017 2:47 am She sure got an amazing brain, hope to see more from her, she deserve a 10/10. heynandho Jun 15 2017 7:48 pm Never seen anything so thoroughly planned out and seamlessly executed. It's Crime, Drama, and Thriller. Keep in mind that this is crime drama if you want to watch this. Korean drama (Hangul: 한국드라마), k-drama for short, refers to televised dramas produced in South Korea. Great acting on Shin Hye-Sun's part. Un modeste admirateur Jun 27 2017 4:47 am Both of them are very good actors. Maybe park moo sung is the one who hit and run of his son. i don't think there will be season 2 though. just looking at the trailer i know this drama is worth watching.... the cast is superb. And then there is nothing else. avi kim Aug 21 2017 12:36 pm All the characters seemed like real people. I love this film very much, esp Cho Seong Woo's acting. What an excellent pairing brimming with talent. 1. Yes Matthew that's looney. Every scene counts :). And this what we call as the real Romance. It's perfect n intelligent. Just a little info (or maybe a spoiler, don't read my comment if you think this is a spoiler!!) :), Note : sorry for my grammar,, i'm not really used to write in english :'(. ShiMoklover Mar 21 2019 6:03 am He has noticed her red lipstick. Kamijo Jul 29 2017 10:48 am I've been waiting for the next episode for quite awhile now, am stucked at epi 10. syskachan Aug 21 2017 3:39 am Bae Doo Na brought me here, I adored her in Sense8 as Sun, it's one of my absolute favourite shows. iam waiting for season 2? I hope you enjoying watching them :D. dalisay dy Jul 02 2017 9:18 pm This is literally the best kdrama ever. Faith of Young Eun-Soo was rather on strong side for me. Choi Bit (Jeon Hye-jin) is the head of the Investigative Structure Reform … This is mind blowing drama. Episode 13 is incredibly in-depth and it probably requires a rewatch to get the full sense of what’s happening but at the same time, it truly platforms Si-mok as a character and what he’s capable of. can't wait to start. Matthew Mar 25 2018 10:57 am And that was before we saw that guy following her. Homemade Love Story. @surnahtum- you can watch TUNNEL and will surely enjoy it too.. ? I can't move on from this drama. I love bae doo na, who has interest in her, please try watch her movie, Cloud Atlas. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); After watching the first episode, i completely got hooked. Really love his acting in God's Gift (such a great dramaa) and back here with another crime drama!!! Drama to watch! You should listen to hwang si mok's TV interview at the end of last episode. suissan Jun 25 2017 12:57 pm Guiltypleasure Jun 06 2018 2:25 am This high political drama .. a sort Korean "House of Cards" meets Game of Thrones. Everything is spot on, from the story, cinematography, casting, background music, literally everything about this show is perfect. The empty feeling you have right after you've finished watching a really great drama T___T. Thank you. akmal Jul 23 2017 9:20 am There were so many unexpected twists and turns. Thankyou for this amazing drama with amazing story and cast.

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