When should we reserve the date for our wedding cake?

It’s never too early to begin planning your wedding cake.  Creating the perfect cake takes time: ideas, sketching, discussion result in a memorable dessert that Cakes Galore is famous for!  Many couples reserve more than a year in advance and we also accept reservations closer to the wedding date if there is time available.  Everything about your wedding cake is important, therefore at Cakes Galore we carefully limit the number of commitments we accept.  Reserving your date early ensures your own Cakes Galore wedding cake!

How do we start?

Please phone or email!  Cakes Galore will be happy to provide you with lots of information about cake interiors, exteriors, flavours and, of course, pricing.  Then, a consultation and tasting will be arranged to discuss all your ideas that go into designing your own special cake.

Can we have more than one flavour of cake, within our wedding cake?

Oh yes!  Especially where the couple has many favorite flavours, it is fun to provide different cake types with different fillings, within the wedding cake!  For instance, a three tier cake can have three different cakes with a choice of different fillings!  Definitely more interesting and becomes a highlight of conversation, too!  The guests love it!!

Can you replicate a cake design from a magazine?

Certainly!  If you have a design in mind, I welcome all pictures, sketches and will work with you to create your own version of the cake.  With respect to a world-wide assortment of cake bakers, we all share our talents and our goal is to please our bridal couples!!

Do you deliver?

At Cakes Galore, we deliver and set up your wedding cake at the reception site, so you don’t have to!!  Our goal is to have your beautiful wedding cake, perfectly displayed,  awaiting the entrance of the guests and bridal party, ready for all the ‘ooohs and aaahs!’
No worries for the bride and groom, now they can just enjoy their lovely creation!

Do you provide the flowers for the cake?

Once the design has been established, if flowers are to be a part of the exterior decoration, these are often coordinated with the bridal flowers.  At Cakes Galore, we will advise how many blooms will achieve the design and ask that the bride request more flowers from her florist.  In order to have matching tones, it is important for all the flowers to come from the same batches.  The bride can ask the florist to increase her floral order to include flowers for the cake, in order to keep the colors consistent – most important for pictures!  This will then be controlled by the bride’s choice and number of blooms.

Can we save the top tier for our first anniversary?

Yes, certainly!  If the couple would like to save their top tier, Cakes Galore will provide the proper care instructions for wrapping and freezing to ensure its freshness.  Today most cakes are not fruitcake (the perfect ‘keeper’ cake), but with care, steps can be taken to wrap and freeze the cake for delicious eating at your first anniversary.

How do we cut the cake?

At Cakes Galore, we always send ‘Cake Cutting Instructions’ for the designated server of your delicious cake!  By following the instructions, the required number of slices can be achieved ensuring that each guest enjoys the wedding dessert.  Once the bride and groom have made their ‘official slice’ the cake can be separated and sliced and served.  Often a fruit coulis or puree is ‘squiggled’ alongside the slice of cake for extra zing and color!  Cakes Galore can give you ideas and recipes for your own tasty ‘squiggle!’

Contact Amanda Lynn at CAKES  GALORE to discuss your very own, extra-special wedding cake!