Custom Wedding Cakes

Are you looking for a wedding cake that is different, something unique, whimsical, or playful?  Or perhaps a cake that shows your traditional side, something simple and elegant? A custom design that reflects your individuality or simply creative touches that describe you and your groom - these aspects all contribute to a custom wedding cake with endless possibilities!

Perhaps you want to celebrate where you met, or where you got engaged?  Maybe you both share the love of a certain sport, your jobs, or maybe even a cherished pet?  These can be incorporated into your very own wedding cake!

Whether square or round, stacked or spaced, a custom or traditional wedding cake still allows room to add your own special touches.  Perhaps you love the look of a completely white cake with simple, elegant designs or just the barest hint of color?  Or maybe you dream about a lacy, filigree decorated cake with a profusion of blooms between each layer?  And how about the addition of a sentimental cake topper that is a treasured memento from your family?  Or an adorable trinket that you and your fiancé share – atop your own wedding cake, this becomes a highlight for the guests as they see your personalities expressed!  The sky is the limit for your wedding cake!  This can be as highly decorated or as absolutely simple, as you want!  Your design ideas are of utmost importance during your wedding cake consultation.  Just let Amanda at Cakes Galore work with you to create your very own, unique, custom wedding cake!

Next Steps...

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