Cake Types:  Buttercake, buttercake, buttercake!!  Tender, buttery cake that can be eaten all by itself, but even better with buttercream fillings!

Choose from white, golden, dark chocolate fudge, orange, lemon, and poppyseed! And for Carrot Cake lovers, Hummingbird Cake combines carrot, pineapple, banana with a hint of cinnamon and delicious flavour! Terrific with a white Callebaut chocolate creamcheese buttercream frosting!

Cake Fillings:  Fluffy, mousseline buttercream can be combined with fruit to make a tart, delicious frosting inside your cake.  Some choices are: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, mango, orange, and lemon! Various spirits and liqueurs flavour buttercream well, too!  Here are some suggestions:   Rum, Kahlua, Frangelico, Baileys, Amaretto,  and Fruit Liqueurs. For the Hummingbird Cake, white Callebaut chocolate creamcheese buttercream is an elegant filling – tangy and rich, it is a surprise for carrot cake fanciers! And, then course, there is Chocolate!  Callebaut chocolate provides a decadent, rich flavour for buttercream, ganache and chocolate ribbon!  White, dark, semisweet and bittersweet, are all delicious choices for your cake!

Exteriors:  Handmade fondant begins as a white, matte-finish product that can be just white, or tinted to match your wedding colors.  The glowing, bridal look of fondant is regal and has the practical aspect of ‘sealing’ the cake and frosting within, which is perfect for display at a summer wedding! Mousseline buttercream makes a luscious exterior and can be white, ivory, or tinted your bridal color! More heat sensitive, this requires a bit more care for a warm environment. Chocolate ribbon, made with Callebaut chocolate, is an edible ribbon that encloses the cake and is used to make bows, ribbons, and curliques!  In white or dark chocolate, this is an unusual, and delicious exterior!

Pricing: This begins with the cake type, filling(s) and size.  Based on a ‘per slice’ cost, when the bride has decided on her cake interior, the size of the cake for her guests can be determined and the price for the actual cake.  Hand decorating and the addition of flowers, ribbon, cake stands and displays, etc., are additional costs.  Each bride knows her budget and the planning of her cake is an important part of it! Cakes Galore makes sure that each cake is exactly what the bride wants and all costs are fully discussed.

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