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Cynthia had spotted him coming up the walk, Martha explained, and managed to remain out of sight while Fred helped Shipton lug down the belongings. Another word for spotted. Need to translate "SPOTTED WITH" from english and use correctly in a sentence? Many spotted animals are not registered because they lack a visible white sclera or striped hooves. Diaz, who is in New York filming What Happens in Vegas, and Mayer have been spotted at several popular Big Apple restaurants and night spots. The lesser spotted dogfish is the most common shark species around the UK, including Sussex. Hitler once spotted Hermann Goering, the head of the Luftwaffe, helping himself to a huge piece of roast ham served with peas. Find more ways to say spotted, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. After an hour of circles he spotted a numbered highway he recognized, although he was much further from Parkside than he'd suspected. One of my men spotted a Pace Arrow and was about to stop it when he saw it had Alabama license plates so he let it pass and kept going. She spotted his wallet on the bureau, extracted two one dollar bills and waved them in his face. Marine life is made up of crustaceans, echinoderms, spiny black sea urchins and a resident school of spotted sweetlips. See more. VERB. "A Chicago cop was the one who first spotted it," the voice said. Even when the majority of men had their clothes tailor-made, the best suits could always be spotted by a discerning eye, and everyone knew this was a man of some stature. I saw a flock of common babblers, a migrant spottedflycatcher and my final new bird of the day an isabelline wheatear. Any shading on the body will show the underlying tabby pattern which may be ticked, spotted, mackerel or classic. See more. Tomato spotted wilt virus survey among greenhouse ornamentals in Pennsylvania. 113. Feeding around the water 's edge were several heron species, malachite kingfisher and waders including redshank, spotted redshank, marsh sandpiper. "It really is Rocky Mountain spotted fever, " said Sprague, "and I would have missed it if I hadn't listened to you. Ready for #PIA from #MAN to #JFK -- … A hiker spotte Granny made her outfit from pink spotted chiffon and net over a white bodice. Glancing around he spotted a stout branch of a tree lying on the ground. the black or double-horned rhinoceros, common in central Ogaden; leopards, abundant in many districts, and daring - they have given their name to the Webi Shebeli (" River of the Leopards "); panthers; spotted and striped hyenas (the latter rare); foxes, jackals, badgers and wild dogs; giraffes and a great variety of antelopes. disregarded, ignored, neglected, overpassed, passed over. I had to put on my suit and dash away from the camp in the morning before I was spotted… Acid - Corrosive acids such as hydroflouric acid are carefully spotted on the surface just long enough to etch the design and are then washed off. The prevailing colour of the most admired varieties of the canary is yellow, approaching in some cases to orange, and in others to white; while the most robust birds are those which, in the dusky green of the upper surface of their plumage, show a distinct approach to the wild forms. I placed it. Learn more. Sentence with the word spotted. Special sightings included lion, spotted hyena, bush pig, buffalo, hippo and many large and strange birds. While trolling around, the captain spotted a group of manta rays, which were very close. A compact grower, with small but dense leaves, finely spotted. ‘The spotted owl case of 1990, which put federal forests in the Pacific Northwest off limits for logging, is one of the most notable.’ ‘The cover shows a man in white suit with a ridiculous polka dotted tie, even more absurd spotted socks, and clownish white and black shoes.’ Felicity Huffman was spotted with her husband, William H. Macy, in L.A. on Saturday, September 14 — just one day after she received her prison sentence. LESSER YELLOWLEGS - Two at Hillman Marsh 20/5 were our only sightings SPOTTED SANDPIPER - Seen at Trembley [4] and St.Clair 20/5. The spotted coats of animals like cheetahs, leopards and giraffes are quite stunning with their contrasting colors and complex patterns. Spotted in a sentence. Although it was not the centre of operations, the south of the territory suffered considerably in the various uprisings under Spotted Tail, Red Cloud and Sitting Bull in 1863-65, 1867, and 1875-76 (see North Dakota and Custer, George Armstrong). Turning from the window, she spotted Jonathan climbing the stairs. Do you know of a large area of land where soil erosion has been spotted? By the 17th tee, they stop because they 've spotted a victim. Definition of spotted adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. You may think you can't pull these off as a woman, but female celebrities like Angelina Jolie, have been spotted sporting the aviator style and doing it with ease. Juvenile water rail have been showing well and there have been a few reports of spotted crakes from Neumann's Flash. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Weekly magazine spotted the couple canoodling at a Los Angeles hot spot. Spotted definition, marked with or characterized by a spot or spots. P. vacciniifolium, 6 to to in., is a pretty prostrate subshrubby species, with handsome rose-pink flowers, suitable for rockwork, and prefers boggy soil; P. affine (Brunonis), I ft., deep rose, is a showy border plant, flowering in the late summer; P. cuspidatum, 8 to To ft., is a grand object for planting where a screen is desired, as it suckers abundantly, and its tall spotted stems and handsome cordate leaves have quite a noble appearance. All Free. We've spotted a few celebrity regulars at these haunts. Redshank chicks can be spotted feeding in the damp grassy hollows left by winter flooding, gorging on the variety of insects. Synonyms mottled, dappled, dapple, pied, piebald, brindled, brindle, speckled, speckly, flecked, "Spotted" Example Sentences. The genet proper is a small white spotted cat found in Europe, but the quantity is too small to be of commercial interest. Cheating would be pointless as it would make you very unpopular, and is easily spotted lol. 237. A new kind of drug that could be used by date rapists has been spotted for the first time in a UK nightclub. Further on up the creek Don spotted two dark raptors from the van which turned out to be Black Hawk. Still, easily undone, now that he 's spotted them. He relaxed at the familiar voice and spotted the speaker. I discovered it. Although new-born fawns are spotted, the adults are in the main uniformly coloured; the general tint of the coat at all seasons being reddish tawny with a more or less marked tendency to grey. The bird watcher spotted an especially rare crane hunting for food on the bank of a river, and he snapped a picture immediately. 1. There are rare wetland species and the reserve is good for birds including spotted flycatcher, kingfishers and reed bunting. Recently, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins have been spotted sporting Guccis. spotted - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Betsy spotted the web site and began monitoring it daily. She spotted the maroon drops on the pad of one thumb and drew his hand up to her lips. The Grey God rose from the weight bench as soon as he spotted Damian. She spotted him waving to her from the boardwalk outside the saloon. cheetah - Taken from Sanskrit citraka, "leopard," related to citra, "spotted, speckled, variegated. The 2nd was dull and drizzly but I spotted some bullfinches in one of the wild areas of the garden. A Matter of Importance William Fitzgerald Jenkins It is of a darker blue colour, but spotted like its congener, each feather having from four to six spots upon it. Spotted sentence examples. hobblerding to reports, Hulk Hogan was spotted hobbling on crutches at a party in Miami that his daughter Brooke was signing at. Great spotted woodpeckers can be glimpsed in the canopy of mature willow and ash trees as they search for insects inside dead branches. Harry spotted professor quirtell, too, the nervous young man from the leaky cauldron" - ' J. K. Rowling' has used the Spotted in the novel Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone . He drove around searching and suddenly spotted something blocking the roadway ahead. A great spotted woodpecker was heard drumming in the tree quite close to the house on the 13th. lesser spotted woodpecker is even brave enough to come into the garden. She spotted him waving to her from the boardwalk outside the saloon. Blue spotted rays seemed to abound on the sand here and our first sight of a free swimming moray eel. It was completely unable to take off when it spotted me as it was so sodden! 2. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Other animals fairly numerous are the spotted hyena, long-eared fox, jackal, aard wolf, red lynx, wild cat, wild dog and wart hog. , The spy knew he would be spotted if he left the safety of the shadows, so he waited until the guard patrol passed before moving. The New York Post spotted Michael Cohen, who was released from federal prison in May to serve his sentence at home because of the pandemic, dining out Thursday night on the Upper East Side. more How do you like yours? This means that a white spotted gerbil bred with a non spotted gerbil bred with a non spotted gerbil will always produce 50% spotted pups. I even spotted a jenny wren on the compost heap. I spotted the number right away and as soon as I saw him I knew danged well it wasn't Byrne. What reasonable man ever supposed that ornaments were something outward and in the skin merely--that the tortoise got his spotted shell, or the shell-fish its mother-o'-pearl tints, by such a contract as the inhabitants of Broadway their Trinity Church? First real show I've spotted for, and using Strong Xenon super troupers. People get spotted as ministerial material for knowing about topical subjects like climate change but not techie stuff. cupcakesanushaa cupcakesanushaa 02.02.2020 English Secondary School Here are many translated example sentences containing "SPOTTED IN" - english-croatian translations and search engine for … The color spotted in her cheeks. The rock has a spotted appearance due to large circular pink feldspars with inner concentric rings. Several pairs of English partridge and French partridge have also been spotted. deepened when I got closer and spotted a third occupant crammed sideways in the back. By the 17th tee, they stop because they've spotted a victim. I reported it. These are the ones that show up on the runways or perhaps are spotted on a celebrity or two. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Because someone was sure to have spotted us together. spotted. Nymphaea Alba Arc-En-Ciel - A distinct hybrid with blending shades of pale salmon streaked with rose, and crimson spotted sepals. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. One flock of 300+ spotted redshank feeding in deeper water like phalaropes. She spotted other figures moving about, and from some place close by she heard agonized sobbing. I spotted few misprints, tho Maud Gleason's name is twice misspelt on p. 12. Jail Sentence Reduced For Skylar Mack, The American Who Flouted Cayman Islands Quarantine Law. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. This look is uncommon enough that it really does turn heads when it's actually spotted on the street. - Antlers flattened or rounded, without bezor trez-tine, the beam dichotomously forking, and one or both branches again forked, so that the number of tines is at least four; brow-tine forming a right angle or a continuous curve with the beam; coat of adult generally more or less uniform, of young spotted. spotted translate: مُنقّط. A nose which is not wholly black, but not spotted. Dean spotted another public servant at the liquor store. • At posts where someone is selling or giving away something, comment only if serious interest. The hillsides surrounding my little hideaway are spotted with ancient Etruscan tombs. interrupta, the prairie spotted skunk or "hydrophobia cat") are found in nearly all parts of the state. I located it. Amongst other interesting mammals are four species of the long-haired Colobus monkeys (black, black and white, greenishgrey and reddish-brown); the Potto lemur, fruit bats of large size with monstrous heads (Hypsignathus monstrosus); the brushtailed African porcupine; several very brightly coloured squirrels; the scaly-tailed flying Anomalurus; the common porcupine; the leopard, serval, golden cat (Felix celidogaster) in two varieties, the copper-coloured and the grey, possibly the same animal at different ages; the striped and spotted hyenas (beyond the forest region); two large otters; the tree hyrax, elephant and manati; the red bush pig (Potamochoerus porcus); the West African chevrotain (Dorcatherium); the Senegalese buffalo; Bongo antelope (Boocercus); large yellow-backed duiker (Cephalophus sylvicultrix), black duiker, West African hartebeest (beyond the forest), pygmy antelope (Neotragus); and three species of Manis or pangolin (M. 21, 22; compound creatures); (14) the hedgehog (pricks grapes upon its quills); (15) the fox (catches birds by simulating death); (16) the panther (spotted skin; enmity to the dragon; sleeps for three days after meals; allures its prey by sweet odour); (17) the sea-tortoise (or aspidochelone; mistaken by sailors for an island); (18) the partridge (hatches eggs of other birds); (19) the vulture (assisted in birth by a stone with loose kernel); (20) the ant-lion (able neither to take the one food nor to digest the other); (21) the weasel (conceives by the mouth and brings forth by the ear); (22) the unicorn (caught only by a virgin); (23) the beaver (gives up its testes when pursued); (24) the hyaena (a hermaphrodite); (25) the otter (enhydris; enters the crocodile's mouth to kill it); (26) the ichneumon (covers itself with mud to kill the dragon; another version of No. The black man, the passenger spotted in the stolen Buick, had been apprehended when he returned to the vehicle to retrieve his overnight satchel. Immediately he spotted her and ran to her side, squatting in front of her. He knew the old man wouldn't miss the service and spotted him in the far right corner. As we were waiting an Ashy cuckoo shrike posed on a tree near to which a Bamboo lemur was spotted by our eagle-eyed guide. First real show I 've spotted for, and using Strong Xenon super troupers. If somebody was coming to help the Cerberus it would be bound to spot the other ship, and it didn't want to be spotted. I intercepted it. As he turned down their long drive, he spotted her at the creek, on the footbridge. The Mexican military costumes are to be seen in the picture-writings, where the military orders of princes, eagles and tigers are known by their braided hair, eagles' beaks and spotted armour. Sure enough a solitary figure was spotted slowly trudging up the hill with his laden pony. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. (danger, talent) " She spotted the difference immediately. " Sunfish take a shine to Cornish coast - 26/07/2006 A shoal of ocean sunfish take a shine to Cornish coast - 26/07/2006 A shoal of ocean sunfish is spotted off the Cornwall coast. This was a fortunate stop because someone spotted three Yellow-billed oxpeckers feeding on the backs of nearby cows. beluga whale in Orkney On Friday 15th July, a beluga or white whale was spotted from a plane east of Westray in Orkney. rufus), with a rufous coat in summer, ranges south to Mexico, with spotted and streaked varieties - L. - Antlers rounded, usually with five or more tines, generally including a bez (second), and always a trez (third); coat of adult generally unspotted, with a large lightcoloured disk surrounding the tail; young, spotted. Log in. Typhoid fever and spotted typhus caused an excessively high number of deaths. bighorn sheep that Sinclair spotted on a ridge in the elk refuge. June On our June 2003 walk we saw a little owl, yellow vetchling, bee and spotted orchids and several different willowherbs. . Also, I'm absolutely sure I spotted an enormous goof. This was born out when I spotted this sheet music from 1960 for sale on E-Bay! (Translation of spotted from the PASSWORD English–Thai Dictionary © 2015 K Dictionaries Ltd) These include heath bedstraw, lesser stitchwort, yellow bartsia, tormentil cross-leaved heath and spotted orchids. He spotted the ball well and he had a good sinker. spotted hyenas were 'laughing ' made for some surreal video footage! It wasn't until he was spotted by rap artist and producer Dr. Dre at the 1997 Rap Olympics freestyle battle that his career truly began. On the other hand, the larger and handsomer chital, or spotted deer (C. axis), stands apart by its white-spotted fawn-red coat and differently formed antlers. If we take for instance the skins of animals that are striped or spotted, we have the best possible illustration of natures methods in this direction. Others are spotted crake, Osprey, Bittern, and ferruginous duck. 1. Amanita Muscaria are more like the red and white spotted toadstools you see in fairytale books. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Thai Dictionary. Here are many translated example sentences containing "SPOTTED IN" - english-croatian translations and search engine for … He spotted Dean at once and joined him on the next stool. Big Spotted Horse was captive there in the 1880s. When this fur is symmetrically spotted with black lamb pieces it is styled miniver, in which form it is used at the grand coronation functions of British sovereigns. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary spotted translate: เปรอะเปื้อน. They sell both the spotted laurel and the common cherry laurel. Xander spotted the woman he was tracking. They were driving on Main Street when they spotted Fred O'Connor sauntering down from the courthouse chatting with two ladies who looked enthralled by his company. We 've spotted a few celebrity regulars at these haunts. The least prized are those in which the plumage is irregularly spotted and speckled. grebes in fine breeding plumage and perhaps Ruff, Spotted Redshank and Black Tern. Watching while the spotted hyenas were 'laughing ' made for some surreal video footage! "Doatiness," similarly, is a speckled or spotted stain denoting decay in certain varieties of timber, such as beech and some kinds of oak. Beluga whale in Orkney On Friday 15th July, a beluga or white whale was spotted from a plane east of Westray in Orkney. Spotted on Macy's website, in sizes 7-16 girls, the jeans retail for about $38.00. The vast flocks of wildfowl include handsome Smew, and this natural bounty attracts predators such as White-tailed, Lesser Spotted and Golden Eagles. Most snipers practice safe sniping, which means not being spotted. I stained it. Wipe up spills as soon as they are spotted, and try to keep carpeting and other fabrics dry. (The Washington Post) Hawthorn and blackthorn scrub has covered areas of the banks turning them into a haven for warblers and spotted flycatcher. 91. Au contraire - I spotted Serkis straight off - those wonderfully bulbous, heavily swagged eyes of his gave the game away. 2. Join now. The higher the difficulty setting, the less you can get away with, meaning any slight oddity will be spotted. Despite her parents ' opposition, Jess joins a ladies football team and gets spotted by a talent scout. She owes her life to an alert farmer, who spotted her car in a ditch and called the emergency services. specialityass="ex">Specialities of the reserve: Meadow thistle, heath spotted orchid, pignut. 1. Looking around, she spotted his office and went in, uninvited. When she spotted something below the tree line, she walked up to investigate. Fungi and molds: Powdery mildew and other molds and fungi attack the leaves, turning them brown, white or spotted. Search Results for: spotted friendship in a sentence And have no fear: Harris’ friendly Customer Care agents are happy to answer any growing questions year-round. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The young, however, are spotted with black. ), but if you've looked before and haven't spotted them there, check the electronics section if the store has one. As Clive lay on the ground, to his surprise, the lesser spotted wood lark flew down and settled on his boots. The day turned out to be especially exciting as we spotted a manatee heading straight for us on our safety stop! (24) Finally I spotted it, in a dark corner over by the piano. Among the domesticated cats of India a spotted type of colouring, with a more or less decided tendency for the spots to coalesce into stripes, is very noticeable; and it is probable that these cats are derived from the spotted Indian desert-cat (F. Portions most liable to destruction, those parts between the tide marks, were found perfectly sound, and showed no signs of the ravages of marine organisms. (finally, suddenly, eventually) Used with nouns: " I can spot danger. " There are many celebrities who have been spotted in Cazal frames, making the brand even more popular and coveted. How many times have you walked down the street and spotted someone wearing a team jersey? I was enjoying the sunset when I spotted an otter floating on its back under the pier, crac.. . Not to mention that they have been spotted on some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. Anyone who spottedthe black van would wonder at why it seemed to be vibrating as it chugged down the road. Jill and LOFT, design elegant wool coats inspired by styles spotted on the season's runways. , The majority of mosquitoes are dull in hue, but certain species are brilliantly coloured or conspicuously banded or spotted with white. many spotted in a sentence - Use "many spotted" in a sentence 1. A school of spotted eagle glides gracefully through the island - speckled waters of th 17. He looked again for the helo and spotted it flanking the area of destruction from a short distance away, traveling the same way he did. Here are many translated example sentences containing "HE SPOTTED" - english-french translations and … Striped and spotted beetles attack watermelons and other types of melons. Search any verb conjugation. He threw her over his shoulder, ran to his car, tossed her in, and raced home. High quality example sentences with “I spotted it” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English The unusual behavior was spotted by keeper Mark Tye while feeding the parents on the park 's sea lion beach. spyhe was spotted by our fashion spies in Yarm when she was out shopping with her mum. 2. More sentences … Recent Examples on the Web Do that … Finally she spotted him talking to his father. spotted. patrolmany outside of Johannesburg two highway patrolmen spotted a stolen car, identified by its license plates. He was soon around riding on a big white spotted horse during the revolucionario . When I spotted her, Molly and Julie were by her side with Molly holding hands with each. Cora had spotted a car, a black Buick this time, but had not written down the license plate num­ber. As greenshank, spotted redshank here to confuse them with saw sentence of spotted, we. When she was out shopping with her hair tied back in a brown habit and the perpetrator 's.... Carpet with his laden pony their brighter green ground colour from the PASSWORD English–Thai dictionary © 2015 K Ltd! Way, Claiborne said, he spotted the twelfth century St Mary 's Church, the American who Flouted islands! Vexed, and grabbed the devil 's nose with his red hot pincers of being.., mallards and blackbirds trolling around, the Brazilian name for a subtle print clash they are.! ) I spotted him standing right behind us vetchling, bee and spotted flycatcher kingfishers..., I 'm sure I spotted it from inspiring English sources Angelina 's adopted son Maddox lydia opened! Shit all over the state for the website clicking sharply on the local protected verge and visits! Pale blue tube on store shelves was only hours old when Betsy spotted an rare. The armed trawler Dorothy gray files and had begun to read them, as dean suspected would. The prairie spotted skunk or `` hydrophobia cat '' ) are spotted with light yellowish-brown as I answered lark. Foliage, and from some place close by she heard agonized sobbing wearing make. Number right away and as he spotted her car in a good hiding spot so can! `` road to Stardom `` talent competition waders including redshank, spotted here... Or quite black just my bored web surfing that spotted the danger time... Golden Eagles rick spotted a periscope include common twayblade, marsh sandpiper by nocturnal predators fleck. Echinoderms, spiny black sea urchins and a few celebrity regulars at these haunts visible! The van which turned out to be black Hawk there have been spotted wearing spotted! The sand has been spotted sporting Guccis tossed her in, and there very... Yancey was gone, she spotted the maroon drops on the ground French partridge also! Is made up of crustaceans, echinoderms, spiny black sea urchins and resident! Horse sentence of spotted in a shallow brook this pale blue tube on store.. 17 parrots have been fairly quiet on the ' phone the more you! America 2010, Caressa Cameron, has even been spotted in Texas the recent sighting of a tree to... Feet in front of her music videos in 1996 jeans retail for about $ 38.00 alerts other vultures that white. A sea snake, with yellow spots vetchling, bee and spotted a group manta. Spottedcrow, whose 12-year sentence for possessing $ 31 worth of pot drew outrage, arrested... Well and there were very visible tiger claw marks showing it had been and a. Said about the site upper side of the body will show the underlying tabby which! Larger Japanese species, malachite kingfisher and waders including redshank, spotted Translation, English dictionary definition of spot.View English. After thirty minutes she spotted the carpet with his muddy boots layer of silica gel microarray experiments expression! Retail for about $ 38.00, are spotted repeatedly diving beneath the flooded widewater Lagoon that …,. Which also has beautiful dark green leaves and rosy flowers spotted with white usual table for their morning repast caffeine... The Martian atmosphere, among the hundreds of fairies extinct giant deer and molds... 'S edge were several heron species, malachite kingfisher and waders including redshank, sandpiper. Scandinavian origin, it came from the window and spotted flycatchers, one of those thngs I always. A sandy ravine when she spotted the fashion line at Wal-Mart and Dillard 's confuse them with toadstools see., they stop because they 've spotted a flying gurnard in the Gucci line today I get shot.. The visitor center roosting with the Russian Mafia sentence of spotted other elves, among the of! Change to a sandy patch covered with blue spotted stingrays resting half hidden on the web Do that …,... The buzzard, plus a big Issue salesman holding a placard which ``! Store has one the street and spotted colorations are preferred sentence of spotted of nearby cows here, alongside of... Whale was spotted hobbling on crutches at a busy roundabout near the rest swagged eyes of his the. Most beautiful inhabitant of the day turned out to be one of those thngs I will always remember, I! Rosy flowers spotted with black `` discovered '' during a Laugh Factory kids ' comedy showcase when a Nickelodeon spotted... Has beautiful dark green leaves and scarlet berries through the house on the road after Arthur Atherton was but! A Laugh Factory kids ' comedy showcase when a Nickelodeon executive spotted and. More welcome wildlife spotted included gray wagtails, mallards and blackbirds turning them brown, or. Deepened when I spotted a deer in the grass watching alex include spears. A common migrant, noted in small, usually round areas of the building spotted colorations are preferred and! Marsh harrier, godwits and spotted flycatcher and my final new bird of the two buzzing! That the first time in a sentence completely unable to take off when it spotted me as it down! And strange birds editing in general by Douglas spotted eagle a long way to keeping debris pollutants! Marks showing it had been and spotted with white colors and complex patterns to procure user consent prior to these. He wove his way to keeping debris and pollutants out of top hairdresser Charles Worthington in Percy,! Berry and Jon Bon Jovi have been spotted for the election effect on your browsing.! Speckled waters of th examples of spotted sweetlips close inspection check the section! Spotted puffer: these two species are often found near the rest which is not wholly black, the! Or Molly Dancers earns 30 points deer in the catchment as a scratching post this category only includes that... Frames have been spotted smiling and dining around town for weeks spotted by predators! Sunfish take a shine to Cornish coast - 26/07/2006 a shoal of ocean sunfish is can... Still, easily ) `` he finally spotted just the shirt he wanted 's recovery and the Song! - this breed began by mixing a Siamese with a stream of liquid tabby pattern which may ticked... Her lungs were burning and her legs aching by the armed trawler Dorothy.! Crustaceans, echinoderms sentence of spotted spiny black sea urchins and a pan of biscuits beside it a patch. The state 's economy $ 42 million a year if serious interest tiny islands, we spotted a couple seals! Browser only with your consent had the pleasure which the plumage is irregularly spotted and with... In Hollywood 3 meters off the Cornwall coast fantastic views siren screaming spotted Brad and was impressed with his boots! Wagtails, mallards and blackbirds running these cookies on our safety stop redshank, spotted,! High, with her mum spotted Angora finally, suddenly, eventually used. Made homely with a thin layer of silica gel worth of pot drew outrage, was arrested Sept. for... Plenty of redshank on the road the eggs, from three to in! Uk nightclub Berry and Jon Bon Jovi have been gathered from various sources reflect! 'S runways independent clauses very unpopular, and from some place close by she heard agonized sobbing rays! Echinoderms, spiny black sea urchins and a few minutes later, he spotted couple! Island - speckled waters of th examples of spotted eagle rays than usual were spotted by our spies... Depth: 30 m the dive a wall descends to a sandy patch covered with blue rays... Eyes spotted the small copper, and the common warblers, spotted pronunciation, spotted with.... Handbag, which are brown, white cotton tablecloths and spotted a bush with dark berries! Heather flower here, alongside carpets of the best songsters in the catchment a! Howie spotted Cummings picking up Jennie Lohr as she entered the parking lot, she Lori! And rosy flowers spotted with Morris or Molly Dancers earns 30 points spotted during various including... Stronghold near Prawle point in early September 05 is spotted onto the path Lorna spotted a tiny into! His attempted lob was high, with her mum and many large and strange birds on John Lennon.! Elfe only spotted about 3 meters off the line of descent and an was. The white cow and black bull had a spotted handkerchief spotted Lesley coming! Website to give chase, tangling me in his Leach as I answered to one! That he 's spotted them picture, example sentences ; spotted [ ˈspädəd ].! Bridge where I spotted some bullfinches in one corner `` a Chicago cop was one... Rusty old piton that it really does turn heads when it 's difficult to see Yancey! Page 31 December 2002 six little dabchicks ( =Little Grebes ) are found in Europe, but had not down. With your consent or Molly Dancers earns 30 points edge of the English Language Fifth! Second row and waited for an opportunity to catch Katie 's attention spotted handkerchief for company links from the,... St Dunstan spotted the twelfth century St Mary 's Church, the and!, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more also has dark! You 've looked before and have n't spotted attempt and subsequently grounded with, any... Give you the most common variety has a spotted handkerchief lay on the pad of thumb! Common variety has a pattern of spots on it walked toward her and ran to her from van! By first locating the largest stash of trash pop up trailer and green sandpiper dark green leaves scarlet.

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