A New Year A New Name

New Year New Name!

Wow, what a year 2016 was! Over the summer I had the pleasure of getting married to my high school sweetheart. Best day ever. I had so much fun making myself three wedding cakes! I was so fortunate that my best friend came from Vancouver (Vancouver’s most kick ass pastry chef… I checked, she is the coolest) to help build me a wonderful dessert table. We are talking three different types of cookies, mini pies inspired by husband, and the best cream puffs I’ve ever had. So I enter 2017 with a new name… drum roll… Amanda Lynn Lecky. Aren’t I a ‘lecky’ girl?  Best last name ever, unlimited pun opportunities. We all know how much I love my puns…

But that’s not all folks! You may have noticed a slight change to my beloved web page. As we enter the new year, I let go of ‘Victoria’s Classy Cakes’ and purchased ‘Cakes Galore’! I am very excited about this new name, new brand, and a whole lot of new clients! The old owner of Cakes Galore, Deb, sold me her business over the holidays and I could not be more excited to take on the new adventure. Deb has been providing outstanding cakes to Vancouver Island for nearly 20 years, and I feel so honored to have her pass me the torch.

As I am still in transition you may see some remnants of Classy Cakes for a little bit. My active email is still info@victoriasclassycakes.com. I have so many new and exciting flavours and products launching, including a whole lineup for Valentine’s Day! Stay tuned!  Please enjoy my first Cakes Galore wedding cake, as well as some bonus wedding photos! Photo credit goes to our OUTSTANDING photographer Meg, from fetching image photography.




 Till next time!


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